Learn how to lead fundamentally different and better conversations with your customers and clients

What's in it for Me?

What's in it for Other Stakeholders?

SRA Vision

Sales Reset Vision

Our vision is that people in sales roles learn how to lead fundamentally different and better conversations with more stakeholders.

Better conversations with more stakeholders will result in more compelling proposals and business cases.

Better proposals = more new business

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Sales Reset Leadership Programme

Effective Sales Leadership – The single most significant factor in sales team performance.

Sales Team Leaders – Learn how to equip and inspire your team. Join our peer group of sales leaders from a range of market. Share experience and receive the support you need.

Sales Team Members – Learn what to expect from outstanding sales leadership. Partner with your sales team leader to enable them to give you the best possible support to achieve your sales goals.

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Sales Reset Competencies

Sales Reset Competencies

New ways to sell means that we need new sales competencies.

We have developed a framework of sales reset competencies with an associated toolkit for implementation and benchmarking.

Our Sales Reset Competency Framework will remain under permanent review as we continually reset best practice in the light of real-world evidence.

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Learning and earning plans

At the heart of your Sales Reset is your personal Learning and Earning Plan.

Decide what you want to earn, what you will need to learn and what improvements are required.

Plan your next actions and report progress in your Learning and Earning Dashboard. Automated reminders by text or email will make it easy to stay on track. Choose what you share with key stakeholders.

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Learning and Earning Plan
Sales Reset Comunity

Video training courses and workshops

Access our growing range of structured training courses. Each course can be completed in under 20 minutes.

Join our LIVE! workshops to meet with your peers from a range of companies and market sectors. Share experience and practice your new selling skills.

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Practice underpins everything we do in Sales Reset Academy

Deliberate Practice – The gold standard of improving expertise.

Reflective Practice – Underpinning all professional development and the key process that leads to prioritised choices for deliberate practice.

Evidence-Based Practice – Ensuring that all priorities and conclusions are rooted in reliable data.

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Best Practice

All the resources you need

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Lead better conversations

Learn how to COACH all the stakeholders in your opportunities. CO-CREATE compelling proposals. CONCLUDE every conversation with clear agreement.

Evidence Based Reset

You will use evidence from your learning and earning plans to prioritise aspects of sales performance improvement. You will learn how to embed sustained sales resets.

Global Community of Practice

Join your peers from around the world to share experience, broaden your perspectives, find support and practice your new selling skills.

Mobile App

Download our mobile app for iOS and Android to get easy access to all Academy resources, even when offline. Continue conversations and progress from your pocket.

Private Community

Join our private community where everybody shares your values and professional aspirations. Share your exoerience, ask questions, help other members. With no ads!

Academic Rigour

Every element of Sales Reset Academy is rooted firmly in academically and scientifically proven best practice. We seek evidence to support every conclusion.

Sales Reset Academy Quick Start

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At the heart of
Sales Reset Academy

Create more value


You’ll learn how to COACH all of the stakeholders in your opportunities. Use your unique knowledge and experience to help them understand and define their own needs more accurately

Create more value

Develop compelling proposals


Work with your customers and clients collaboratively to CO-CREATE proposals and business cases that become increasingly compelling

Develop compelling proposals

Manage the decision process


Learn how to CONCLUDE every conversation with agreement about next actions from all stakeholders and their role in the decision process

Manage the decision process