Sales Reset Learning Cycle

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  1. Benchmark your abilities against our Sales Reset Competencies of global best practice.
  2. Choose what to improve in your next Sales Reset Learning Cycle.
  3. Develop and commit to your revised Learning & Earning Plans.
  1. Commit the required time budget and schedule when you will do your training.
  2. It's typically most effective to do your training "little and often".
  3. Choose from a range of training methods for maximum impact: online courses, workshops, reading, research, etc.
  • Now you know what to do, it's time to put in the practice to develop genuine expertise.
  • It's likely that some of your most useful practice will be when you join Academy members in our regular practice sessions.
  • We will help you learn how to use Deliberate Practice and Reflective Practice to improve your skills and results. 
  • If your sales team leader or manager is an academy member, we will support them so that you receive excellent coaching.
  • You and your coach will learn how to work together most effectively in this vitally important coaching relationship.
  • Your coach will support you with specific feedback and encouragement that will enable you to make the fastest progress.
  • Choose learning metrics data in your personal Coaching Portal to evaluate improvement.
  • Compare your learning metrics with your sales outcomes to identify what works best.
  • Use this evidence in your next Sales Reset.

Repeat Sales Reset learning cycle Continuously

Sales Reset Learning Cycle Windmill
Sales Reset Learning Cycle Reset Windmill


Sales Reset Competencies

  • Benchmark knowledge, skills against objective measures
  • Focus learning on carefully selected priority needs
  • Measurable learning improvement

Vision & Aspiration

  • Role changes from persuasion to value co-creation
  • Collaborative development of compelling proposals
  • Aspiration for world-class skills

Motivation & Commitment

  • Motivated to improve selling and account development
  • Prepared to commit sufficient time and effort to learn
  • Reset with confidence


Learning & Earning Plans

  • Bespoke personal plans for learning and earning
  • Agreed learning outcomes and KPIs
  • Accountable for sustained progress

On-Demand Courses

  • Growing catalogue of Sales Reset training courses
  • Each course can be completed in 20-30 minutes
  • New course each week

LIVE! Workshops

  • Meet with community members in LIVE! workshops
  • Learn how Sales Reset principles work in other markets
  • Keeps training fresh, fun and highly interactive
Sales Reset Learning Cycle Practice Windmill


Deliberate Practice

Reflective Practice

  • Developing self-awareness and insight from reflection
  • Using reflection to make choices about deliberate practice
  • Using reflective practice to become a better learner

Evidence-Based Action Learning

  • All Sales Reset Academy practice is based in the real world 
  • Action Learning comes from focus on real-world challenges
  • Learn with your peers in the Academy community


Continuous Coaching

  • Your Sales Team Leader is equipped to coach more effectively
  • Regular feedback on the quality of coaching
  • Coaching becomes embedded in core team culture

Feedback & Accountability

  • Coaching will accelerate feedback and consequent learning
  • Coaching connected to  your Learning & Earning Plan
  • Accountability not just for sales results, but also for learning

Encouragement & Support

  • It’s good to be encouraged by your coach
  • Selling can be the toughest gig, we need support
  • Coaching ties everything together


Learning Metrics

  • Learning metrics are different to sales metrics
  • We will help you to choose personal, relevant learning KPIs
  • You can then correlate learning and earning outcomes

Automated Reporting

  • Your choice of reporting frequency and detail
  • Receive metrics reminders by text and email
  • Reply fast with simple responses

Learning Dashboard & Reports

  • Your learning KPIs are seen in easy to use graphs
  • Instantly see whether you’re on track
  • Report learning outcomes to a range of stakeholders