Evidence Portfolios

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  1. You will have all of the key evidence of your learning and progress in one place.
  2. Your sales team leader or coach can review the evidence quickly and easily so that they can coach you more effectively.
  3. You will be encouraged when you see how much progress you have made.
  • We recommend that you maintain an evidence portfolio but it is your decision.
  • Yes, this portfolio will generally be admissible evidence to support professional qualifications.
  • For instance, if you need to support your application to higher grades of membership of the Association of Professional Sales, you could use the evidence gathered in your portfolio to support your application.
  • Yes, it will help to be able to quickly and easily access the evidence to support your application.
  • It's easy to upload files to your coaching portal.
  • Simply go to the Files area of your portal, select "Upload" and find the file you want to upload.
  • It's typically best to upload a PDF file because it is easiest to view on a range of devices/