Early Access for Beta Testers

  • All of our plans for Sales Reset Academy are now in place.
  • It’s time to start work with our first members!
  • In exchange for your valuable time you will develop your Learning & Earning Plan faster as you join a group of your peers from a range of companies.
  • You will have the opportunity to shape our priorities and plans.
  • Our clear and specific goal is that you will improve your knowledge, skills, confidence and sales results faster.
Beta Testing

Beta Testing FAQ

Beta testing starts week commencing Monday 11 January

  • We are very aware of the value of your time.
  • We expect that the total amount of your time required for testing and giving feedback will be less than 30 minutes each week.
  • You may choose to invest more of your time if you find yourself getting value from these new Academy resources.
  • Initially, testing will include basics like registering successfully and gaining access to resources.
  • Beta testers will then start to use these early resources.
  • A key part of testing will be to join some of the regular weekly LIVE! group coaching workshops.
  • Your feedback will be crucial as we develop every aspect of Sales Reset Academy.
  • Your suggestions and recommendations will play a key role in early decisions that will shape our future.
  • You will play a significant role in getting the Sales Reset Academy that will work best for you.
  • Yes of course.
  • You're in sales and account management, so we know that things get very busy at times.
  • You can drop out whenever you need to and get back involved when things settle again.
  • We currently anticipate that beta testing will be complete by early February.

Yes - I'm happy to help you test Sales Reset Academy