Join our community of sales leaders and learners

We’re working together to redefine selling and account development best practice and to improve our sales results

co-creating more value for all stakeholders


Sales Reset Academy is the latest development in a lifelong learning journey:

  • Peter and Jean started their sales training  business in the UK way back in 1985.
  • 35 years later, all of their experience is now available to a global academy membership using the best available learning platforms.
  • Peter’s role is to lead the development of Academy resources, to coach sales leaders and to host academy workshops and events.
  • Jean is our Community Manager, ensuring that every member of our community benefits from the communication and support they need. It’s Jean who ensures that everything is focused on the evidence of impact. 
SRA Vision


Our vision is that people in sales roles will lead fundamentally different and better conversations that create instead of merely communicating value. These conversations will include many more stakeholders.

Our goal for Sales Reset Academy is to bring together the widest range of sales leaders and learners to share their experience and continually improve the practice of selling.

We will play our part in changing outdated models of selling from self-centred persuasion to genuinely collaborative value co-creation with many stakeholders.


Our mission is to equip and inspire sales leaders and their teams to:

COACH customers and stakeholders to clarify and prioritise outcomes

CO-CREATE compelling proposals

CONCLUDE every conversation with agreed next actions and plans

We will achieve these outcomes by developing and nurturing a world-class community of practice using best available learning platforms and processes.

All progress will be focused on the evidence of impact on academy members’ sales results and the outcomes achieved by their customers.

And we’ll do everything we can to enjoy the journey, have some fun together and leave our part of the world in better shape than we found it.